EMOP Opening Days

>> 28—30 SEP 2018
>> C/O Berlin, Hardenbergstr. 22-24, 10623 Berlin
>> For all events free admission


Drawing with light – that’s what photography means in the original sense of the word. Light is the key ingredient in the photographic image. As a technical innovation, photo- graphy is unsurpassed in its magic—and in its ability to change human perception forever. Along with light, time is the other decisive element in the emergence and passing of the photographic image. Exposure times that are too short or too long cause photographs to change. Photographs age, they are ephemeral, and they always make reference to something that existed in the past. Then and now, this paradox is what defines the magic of photography. Since the invention of the medium, photographers and photography theorists have been preoccupied with the aspects of light, time and speed. With the advent of digital photography, computer generated imagery (CGI), internet, smart phones, and social media, our perception of time and space has radically changed. The EMOP Opening Days 2018 are devoted to the central themes of photography: light and time, and with it to the question of what photography will look like in the twenty-first century. The pro- gramme of events, curated by Felix Hoffmann and Ann-Christin Bertrand, will feature talks and panels with internationally renowned photographers, curators, media experts, and journalists, accompanied by performances, music acts, workshops, and Photobook: RESET.

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