Meet the Artist


Meet Richard Renaldi

For the series #meettheartist, EMOP Berlin team met American photographer Richard Renaldi at ROBERT MORAT | GALERIE where his photography series Manhattan Sunday is currently on view. In the interview, Richard Renaldi talks about how he photographed the people who just came out of a New York City night club and why a Sunday morning atmosphere in Manhattan is so special.


Meet Gregor Sailer

EMOP Berlin team met Austrian photographer Gregor Sailer at Kehrer Galerie. Currently the gallery shows Sailer's newest photography series The Potemkin Village.
In the interview, Gregor Sailers talks about the development of the series; his motivation capturing "fake" architecture and challenges which came with the series like taking photographies of military restricted areas.


Meet Alina Simmelbauer

Malena is the name of the girl whose face has become the key visual of this year's EMOP Berlin. Her portrait graces the catalog cover, posters and flyers.
How and why it came to the portrait, tells photographer Alina Simmelbauer in our #meettheartist video. Her works can be seen in the exhibition of the aff gallery.


Meet Ute Mahler

Ute Mahler (* 1949) and Werner Mahler (* 1950): a couple for 40 years, working together for 40 years on behalf of photography. Their intense, and highly diverse photographic projects have always documented the humanitarian view of both to the world. After German Reunification, Ute and Werner Mahler co-founded the Photographers Agency Ostkreuz – Agentur für Fotografie and the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie.
In our #meettheartist video, Ute Mahler talks about the development of the "Monalisen der Großstädte" and about her work as a professor at Ostkreuzschule. Ute Mahler also describes her and Werner Mahler's motivation for their latest project: the series "Kleinstadt", for which both photographers have portrayed life in German small towns.